Rovo Community Guidelines

These community guidelines help us build a special and close knit community of tennis players in Rovo who inspire each other to #playmore & improve through sports. We are committed to maintaining an amazing community of tennis players.

If you find anyone not following these community guidelines, do report them or email us.

Here’s the stuff that you should do

Be nice, friendly & respectful. 

Rovo is a community of fun & avid tennis players. Any abuse or indecency will not be tolerated.

Update your schedule frequently. 

Doing so will make sure we only recommend hits to others based on your true availability.

Show up & be on time.

Nobody likes people who’re late, even worst not showing up. If you can’t make it, be sure to let your fellow hitting partner know well in advance. Not showing up for your hits repeatedly will get your account flagged as someone who likely doesn’t show up.

Be polite.

When arranging timings & venue or otherwise chatting, know that Rovo is made of of people from different cultures & backgrounds. Respect that & talk to them as you would to your closest friends, neighbours & family.

Be honest. 

When communicating with players in Rovo & while doing your personal skill assessment, be honest. Everyone is improving & being honest with your rating will ensure you’re matched with the same level players. It will also help you improve yourself!


Don’t leave people hanging! When you’re suggested a hit & your fellow buddy messages you, respond to them. Even if you can’t make it, let them know. Remember, treat others like how you want to be treated :)

Offer to split the costs.

Often times, the balls you play with or the court booking will need to be paid for. Be gracious & always offer to split the costs. Your tennis buddy will appreciate it!

Choose an appropriate username

Please choose an appropriate username with 4 or more characters. Vulgarities should also not make an appearance in your username. Also, we do not allow the unauthorised use of ‘Rovo’ in usernames, and we will change the username without further notice if found. 

Here’s stuff you shouldn’t do

Don’t Spam

Refrain from spamming your hitting partner with too many messages. They may be busy and not able to respond immediately. Respect their space. If you’re hitting partner doesn’t show up, you can mark them as a no show instead.

No pornography, sexual services, nudity or mature content 

We're open to individuals of all ages, Including some as young as 12, so please let's keep Rovo clean and safe that way. 

Do not post services or rentals

Services & rentals do not fall into the spirit of the Rovo community. 

Do not use rude language in your user name

Please do not include the use of rude language in the creation of your user name. We would like to create a pleasant and non-offensive environment for everyone! Use of rude language might result in the suspension of your account.

Do not be rude

We want this to be a friendly community of like minded individuals, hence be polite and respectful when dealing with each other. It is not the place to abuse and harass others. If we receive valid complains about your conduct, we will send a warning and not hesitate to suspend your account.

Do not use Rovo for promotions

Self-promotion and commercial spam URLs to websites are no-nos - we ask that you keep your interactions and actions on Rovo genuine and meaningful. 

Do not impersonate others

Please do not impersonate others. Rovo does not condone the act of portraying another person in a misleading or deceptive manner and if found, the account may be permanently suspended.

The following relates to impersonation:

- using someone else’s personal information (such as photo, contact details etc)

- using a username with the intention to deceive or mislead

- claiming to be a Rovo staff

Parting Note

If you find that you might have trouble adhering to these guidelines, we'd love to hear your thoughts. We value these guidelines and want to ensure that all members of the Rovo community have the best experience they can have. 

Your experience on Rovo is extremely important to us and we are always here to make it better each step of the way. If you ever encounter an issue with your purchase or a fellow member of the Rovo community, please reach out to us at immediately! We'll do our best to assist you with resolving the issues.

Please remember that your use of Rovo is also subject to our Terms of Service and we reserve the right to review the Community Guidelines from time to time.

- Your friends at Rovo

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