Inspire others to level up their game and better themselves through tennis.


Rovo UP is a brand new program that empowers experienced players, amateur coaches & professional coaches to help others improve their game through paid hits and coaching services.

Help others learn tennis or improve their game.

You love playing tennis, now you can be an inspiration to others! Use your knowledge, skills & experience & help those who want to learn the game or  advance their level.  

Turn your favourite hobby into a new way to earn money.   Stay fit, do what you love & make new friends along the way.

Earn money just by playing tennis.

Be part of the fastest growing tennis community around.

Rovo is the best app for tennis players. We’re loved by many who use the app to connect with players on a daily basis. Be part of this growing community & get a steady pool of potential customers.

How Rovo UP works

You can apply as either a Partner, Coach or ProCoach. Learn more about each below.

Apply to join

Set up Rovo profile

Your profile on Rovo will be updated when once your application is successful. You can then set your rates.

Get matched & get paid

Rovo will match you with players looking to learn & improve. Once you both accept, you’ll get paid after your hit.


Apply to join Rovo UP either as a Partner, Coach or Pro Coach.

Partners on Rovo are experienced tennis players with a verified skill rating. With their ability to vary their game play, they hit with other players to help them improve their game. 

Partners can charge from $10 to $40 per hour depending on their skill level.

Whether you’re an experienced player, or already a coach, it’s easy to get started on Rovo UP. 


Coaches on Rovo are current or previous professional players with a passion for teaching tennis. They give organized lessons on forehand, backhand, serves, court craft & more to individuals or groups. 

Coaches can charge from $30 to $60 per hour depending on their coaching experience.

Pro Coach

Pro Coaches on Rovo are seasoned coaches certified by ITF or local certification authorities. They give organized lessons on forehand, backhand, serves, court craft & more to individuals or groups. 

 Pro Coaches can charge from $60 to $120 per hour depending on their coaching experience.


What’s the difference between Partner, Coach or Pro Coach?

Partners are just tennis players who are not looking to give coaching but don’t mind hitting with others of lower ratings to give tips on how to improve their game. They also serve as hitting partners to other experienced players.

Coaches give lessons to others but do it more as a hobby because they enjoy tennis & meeting new people rather than treating it as a profession. They are very good players themselves but may not have professional coaching certifications.

Pro coaches are seasoned coaches that give tennis lessons professionally & are certified by ITF or local tennis certification authorities.

Which one should I apply for?

If you’re still unsure what you want to apply as, just select all in the application form. We can help you in deciding where you might fit in best.

Can I set my own rates?

Yes, you can set your own prices, but they have to fall within a range depending on the type of paid hits you’re offering & your Rovo UP profile type.

How do I get paid?

You will get paid through the app! Once your application is approved, you will have access to setup a Rovo Up profile with payment details & rates.

What’s the application criteria?

Depending on whether you’re applying to be a Partner, Coach or Pro Coach, we will ask for different things from you. These start from your Rovo profile, videos, testimonials and/ or proof of official certification.

How do i apply?

Just click on this big button below & fill up a simple application form. We will reach out for further details.

I have other questions..

Sure, shoot an email at with your question & we will get back to you!